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Norskein Knitting Supply sells high quality, specialty, imported Norwegian yarns. Rauma yarn is hard to find in the United States, but we carry most of the types. We can special order some Rauma yarns that may not be listed. We have many Norwegian patterns translated to English. We also carry pewter buttons and pewter clasps, imported from Norway. We also have high quality knitting needles: Knitter's Pride, HiyaHiya, ChiaoGoo, Clover, Brittany, KA Classic and Prym•Inox.



Our Story

Hi, my name is June Aldrin. I am married and have four children and one grandchild. My paternal grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 7 years old and I have been knitting ever since. I come from a long line of Norwegians so I have had a lot of exposure to and have also loved the tradition of Norwegian knitting. However it wasn’t until I was older and had children that I tried my hand at two color knitting. It fascinated me but with the demands of raising children the knitting was put aside.  But the time came when my youngest two went off to college and with time on my hands I picked up knitting again and I found that I really loved knitting the Norwegian designs in mittens. I had made a couple of children’s sweaters with Norwegian designs when my kids were small but never mittens. So I found a pattern and knit a couple of pairs but I wasn’t really happy with the quality of yarns that were available. They just didn’t make the beautiful designs stand out like I had remembered as a teenager. And then I discovered Rauma Yarns and what a difference that made in how my mittens turned out! Now the designs were so appreciable! And so I spent the next couple of years knitting with Rauma yarn and really enjoyed working with it and how my work looked.
And then came an unexpected cross country train trip out to California that totally changed my involvement with knitting and Rauma yarn. While sight seeing in the observation car I spotted a most beautiful and unusual Norwegian sweater that a fellow passenger was wearing. Since she was knitting at the time, I assumed she had knit the sweater and it was confirmed that she had done so when I went to speak with her about it. She had copied it from an old sweater that she had bought from a second hand store about 30 years ago. After a few minutes of admiring and talking about the design I asked her if she would be willing to make a copy of the design and send it to me. I was willing to pay her for it. When I got back home, one day about a week later I received a package and to my great surprise there was the original beautiful sweater inside! I was amazed that for a sweater as old as this was, that it still for the most part looked like new. It had a few worn spots but the beauty of the yarn was was not diminished by pilling or fading. This sweater has captivated me in a very unusual way. To make a long and unbelievable story shorter, this sweater has been mostly responsible for setting me on the path to having a desire to be part of making this wonderful knitting yarn available to the North American market and to those who have a love for traditional knitting designs.
My mission with this business is to provide this high quality yarn and other supplies to allow you to create the same kind of knitted heirloom that will last for years to come.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this yarn or the availability of patterns.