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Norskein Knitting Supply sells high quality, specialty, imported Norwegian yarns. Rauma yarn is hard to find in the United States, but we carry most of the types. We can special order some Rauma yarns that may not be listed. We have many Norwegian patterns translated to English. We also carry pewter buttons and pewter clasps, imported from Norway. We also have high quality knitting needles: Knitter's Pride, HiyaHiya, ChiaoGoo, Clover, Brittany, KA Classic and Prym•Inox.

Norskein Norwegian Knitting Blog

Hi, feel free to blog here!  We will be describing our knitting projects; the good, bad and ugly!

Color dominance

June Aldrin

For those of you knitting with two colors, are you aware of yarn dominance? You will find that if you have your pattern color as the yarn that is "under" and your main color as the yarn that is "upper", your pattern will look crisper. In other words if you knit with both colors in the left hand then the main color is going to be on top, furthest away from you. If you knit with one color in each hand, then the right hand yarn should be the main color. For a further explanation of this you can look on YouTube for demonstrations. Just Google "yarn dominance".