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Norskein Knitting Supply sells high quality, specialty, imported Norwegian yarns. Rauma yarn is hard to find in the United States, but we carry most of the types. We can special order some Rauma yarns that may not be listed. We have many Norwegian patterns translated to English. We also carry pewter buttons and pewter clasps, imported from Norway. We also have high quality knitting needles: Knitter's Pride, HiyaHiya, ChiaoGoo, Clover, Brittany, KA Classic and Prym•Inox.



Knitting. Design. Wool.
Accessories. Texture. Beauty.  

All of these things can work together to produce a lovely piece of art! But materials matter!

Design patterns from experienced Norwegian knitters as well as other traditional knitters are a must.

Wool is the yarn of choice for knitting Norwegian and traditional patterns. One of the most important qualities of a good yarn is its ability to stick to itself.  Rauma yarn accomplishes that very well.

Knitting needles should be our friends! Neither too sticky or too slippery; not cheap but certainly not overpriced.

Buttons and clasps are the finishing touches and pewter adds just the right flair for your masterpiece, making it stand above the rest.

All of these things create variety of texture. All of these things add up to beauty.